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I am a permanent resident of Virginia raising a very high energy family in the heart of the Commonwealth near Charlottesville, VA. My professional work has, for the most part, involved helping organizations and businesses adopt and integrate new technologies. Currently, I have the pleasure of opening and leading the newest office in for ESI (Electronic Systems, Inc.) in Charlottesville. Headquartered in Virginia Beach, ESI is one of the oldest and largest Technology Consulting companies in the state. As the Sales Manager, I am always on the look out for great talent to join my team of Sales Professionals. (Read the ESI Press Release here.)

Before joining ESI, I worked very closely with the Educational Technology initiatives for K12 & Higher Ed School Systems all over Virginia. In 2005, less than 2% of classrooms in Virginia had anything like an interactive whiteboard or even a projector. That’s when I began working with educators to make their teaching day better leveraging technology.  My work in Ed Tech ultimately impacted over 15,000 classrooms mostly throughout Central & Eastern Virginia.

In addition to my Education Technology experience, I had the fortunate opportunity to work, manage and sell for both a Fortune 500 company and a very small business (4 man shop) in the B2B marketplace.

The posts, shared content and any opinions on this site do not necessarily reflect those of my current or former employers.


Email     LinkedIn       Twitter: @chadjschnell

Volunteer Work & Hobby Stuff:

AGC Logo with US Flag watermark – This is something I cooked up over the years. (pun intended) I love to cook outdoors. Started when I was a Boy Scout over an open fire. I’m also a fairly patriotic guy who likes to Buy American when I can. Although there has always been this push to buy American cars, I see the Outdoor Cooking & Grilling marketplace as a fantastic niche that makes it easy for people to create, manufacture and buy “Made in USA”.


VSTE – Volunteer & Member since 2006. It’s free to join, so if  you haven’t already  I highly recommend it. Learn more and join at You will often find me at many VSTE events around the Commonwealth!


Hokie Nation Serves

Charlottesville Hokies – When I moved to the Charlottesville, VA area, I learned our alumni association wasn’t really active (too close to UVA I guess) so I started the FB page and basic site to start attracting folks. I guess it worked, as our small group is up and running with an active President, golf tournaments and everything! Woot! I’ll post about an updated site when I  or another volunteer can get to it.  Pretty cool, at least for us fellow Hokies surviving in Cville!


Meriwether Lewis Elementary PTO Volunteer – As you can imagine, I was asked to be the Technology Advisor for my son’s PTO. I enjoy lending a hand here whenever I can or even with Albemarle County Schools as needed.

unit numbers 114CubMaster Pack 114 – After my son’s first year which I served with my wife as Co-Den Leaders, I’ve taken the role of CubMaster for the next couple of years. Wish me luck here too! (also did the site for the pack as well…I’d share it but us parents like to keep it on the DL).



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