Engaging the 21st Century Parent

Did you know that the research on any technology tool that schools have invested in have, at best, increased student achievement around 16-17%?  That’s actually a great impact, but…

Did you know that just the simple fact of having an involved parent (or even just an adult that shows they care) can impact student performance by as much as 60%?

Conclusion: The best technology we have seen or ever provided into classrooms pale in comparison to the impact a parent being engaged with their student’s work can have.

Importance-of-parent-involvementAs a PTO Volunteer, an Education Technology provider, and in one of my most important roles, a Father of three kiddos, I know firsthand the challenges and opportunities of supplementing the work being done in the classroom. I also know and believe that even all of the best proven, highly researched, and highly regarded technology and tools for teachers to leverage in classrooms do not come close to the impact and difference a parent who is involved in their child’s school work can make.

Here is the point! The technologies that teachers can now leverage and parent involvement have an intersection where they become even more powerful for student achievement. An emergence of quality software, audio & video tools, are allowing teachers (and students) like never before to share and collaborate about what’s going on in the classroom. These technology investments are simply making it easier.



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